Fluoride Treatment In Huntington Beach

Brushing and flossing are essential components of a good oral hygiene routine. It is also important to visit your dentist regularly for a routine exam and cleaning. Another component of maintaining oral health that you may not have heard much about is fluoride. Getting enough fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and lower the risk of developing cavities. We offer fluoride treatment to give your oral health a boost in Huntington Beach.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that, when absorbed into the teeth, helps to strengthen tooth enamel. In doing so, it helps to prevent the forming of cavities. Fluoride can be found in everyday foods such as potatoes, shellfish, grapes, and hot cereals as well as in tea and coffee. Most cities now also fluoridate public sources of water. Dental fluoride treatment is also available where fluoride is applied directly onto the teeth.

Who Can Benefit From A Fluoride Treatment?

Anyone can receive a fluoride varnish treatment to boost their oral health, but it is more often recommended for children with a high risk of cavities. It has been found that the earlier children are exposed to fluoride, the less likely they are to develop cavities.


To have fluoride applied to the teeth at Impression Dental Care, you will first have your teeth cleaned. The fluoride comes highly concentrated in the form of either a rinse, foam, gel, or varnish and can be applied to the teeth with a swab, brush, tray, or mouthwash. Following the treatment, you will be advised to avoid eating, drinking, or rinsing for about 30 minutes to allow the fluoride to fully absorb into the teeth.

Do You Need To Use Toothpaste?

It’s important to note that having fluoride applied to your teeth does not make them invulnerable. They can still be attacked by bacteria from plaque and food and have the enamel worn away, leading to cavities. So, it is still important to brush and floss regularly. It is also still helpful to use fluoride toothpaste.

To give your teeth or your children’s teeth an extra boost of protection against tooth decay, consider having a fluoride treatment in Huntington Beach. We are proud to offer this treatment to promote oral health.

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