Dental Sealants In Huntington Beach

Inside your child’s mouth, the molars are most susceptible to cavities. These back teeth handle all of the chewings. For this reason, these teeth surfaces are filled with pits and fissures. These hard to reach grooves are hiding places for leftover food debris, plaque, and bacteria. Toothbrush bristles can’t always reach into these tiny crevices. As a result, the back teeth are more prone to decay.

Dental Sealants In Huntington Beach

In addition, newly erupted teeth are not as strong as an adult’s smile. Tooth enamel hardens with age. In-office treatments and the fluoride found in tap water and oral care products will help strengthen young enamel, but it is hard to get enough of it deep in the back grooves. To help combat this problem, we offer dental sealants in Huntington Beach.

Dental sealants are a protective layer of clear plastic resin. The invisible coating is applied to new molars to smooth out the biting surfaces. The fast and painless dental sealant procedure makes the back teeth more resistant to decay. Sealed molars are far less likely to develop cavities, require costly restorative treatment in the future, or, most importantly, cause your child pain.

Sealants At Impression Dental Care

A sealant in Huntington Beach can be considered a mini clear filling. Except the purpose is preventative rather than reparative. The tooth is being protected as opposed to being restored. Because there are no nerves in enamel, there is no need for anesthesia or shots. First, your Huntington Beach dentist will examine the tooth. If any decay is found it will be removed. Then, the surface will be cleaned and dried. An etching solution will be applied to rough the treatment area. This will help the plastic resin adhere better. After the enamel is rinsed and dried the sealant is painted on cured with a special light. Tooth sealant serves as a barrier, protecting the teeth against decay-causing bacteria. Sealants at Impression Dental Care help protect tough-to-clean surfaces of back teeth and prevent cavities. It is as simple as that!

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