Dental Crowns In Huntington Beach

Why A Dental Crown Is Important To Your Smile

You may have heard a dental crown referred to as a “cap,” and there’s a good reason for this. When a dentist places a tooth crown over a damaged tooth, it caps it from further damage and prevents you from needing additional treatment on that tooth. And although a dental crown in Huntington Beach can be used for both restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, our dental care would like to provide additional information about this smile-saving procedure.

Most Common Reasons For A Dental Crown Procedure

Although every patient’s needs and situations will vary, some of the most common reasons for a dental crown procedure include the following:

  • Provide support to a decayed tooth
  • Rebuilding an abscessed tooth
  • To provide a structure for dental implant
  • Anchoring a dental bridge
  • Restore the color and appearance of a cracked or chipped tooth

Before we begin any work, our dental care team will provide you with complete information about how a crown for your teeth can restore your smile. You’ll also be able to ask questions about follow-up care at home and what to expect in your recovery.

Types Of Dental Crowns That Can Be Used In Modern Dentistry

During your consultation, you’ll also be able to ask questions about which type of dental crown will be used for your tooth crown procedure. Some of the most commonly used materials include a metal crown, metal and porcelain crown, and a full porcelain crown. There are advantages and limitations to each material, but you’ll be able to select the best option for your lifestyle.

Wondering About The Cost Of A Dental Crown?

As mentioned, there are a number of variables to take into consideration when it comes to a dental crown procedure – and that includes the cost. Impression Dental Care knows that every patient has their own unique circumstances when it comes to restorative dentistry. For that reason, we invite you to call our dental care team to discuss costs, insurance, financing, and other considerations that will factor into your decision for a dental crown in Huntington Beach. We look forward to hearing from you!

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