Dental Bridges In Huntington Beach

Sometimes you can’t help it and your dentist has to remove a few teeth due to damage or decay. When that happens it can leave an unsightly gap. Lengths of missing teeth can be detrimental to your teeth overall because it leaves room for shifting or changing and can alter the shape of your face.

A dental bridge is used to fill that empty space and help keep everything looking sharp. At our dentistry, we provide exactly what you need.

Tooth bridges are false teeth (or a false tooth) that are held in place by an abutment on either side of the empty space. These teeth can be made from any sort of material like gold or alloys, though usually they are chosen to be made from porcelain because they match the rest of their natural teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are four types of dental bridges that are available at Impression Dental Care. These types include:

  • Cantilever
  • Implant-Supported
  • Maryland
  • Traditional


The traditional bridges hold false teeth that are held into their spot by two crowns on either side of the abutment teeth. This is probably the easiest dental bridge to make or have done, and it’s the best choice if you still have healthy natural teeth to work with and hold the abutment.

Cantilever Bridge Dental

This is basically the same style as the traditional bridges but only one crown holds the abutment. This option works best when there is only one natural tooth you can use to hold the bridge in place.


The framework is used instead of a dental crown to hold an abutment. This frame is made of either porcelain or metal and is attached to the back of the abutment teeth.


Dental implants are placed where needed, to help hold a dental bridge in place. This works because a dental implant is implanted in the jawbone where each missing tooth is and then the dental bridge is held in place with them.

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