If you don’t have dental insurance, it’s not a problem when you visit Impression Dental Care. At our office in Huntington Beach, CA, we are proud to offer the Impression Dental Care Membership Plan, which allows you to benefit from professional oral care at an affordable price.

How does the membership plan work?

There are three care plans available – you choose the one that best fits your personal needs and the needs of your family.

  • Child complete: available for patients 13 and younger. This plan includes two professional cleanings and exams per year. One comprehensive x-ray and one emergency exam are also included. In addition to these services, members can enjoy discounts on other procedures offered at Impression Dental as well as procedures completed by participating specialists. The Child Complete plan costs $20/month or $240/year.
  • Adult complete: available for patients 14 and older. This plan includes the same standard services as the Child Complete Plan (cleaning, exam, x-ray, etc) and also offers two oral screenings per year. The same discounts can also be enjoyed by members under this plan. The Adult Complete plan costs $30/month or $360/year.
  • Perio: available for patients 14 and older. This plan benefits those patients who have undergone some type of periodontal treatment and require follow-up periodontal maintenance. It covers two regular exams, two oral screenings, one comprehensive x-ray, and one emergency exam. It also covers three perio maintenance treatments and includes the same discounts as the Adult and Child Complete plans. The Perio Plan costs $40/month or $480/year.

The discounts offered with each plan vary depending on the procedure. For example, there is a 20% discount for preventive procedures and a 10% discount on orthodontics. You will receive a complete listing of discounts and exclusions when you enroll in a membership plan.

Important information to consider

It should be noted that the Impression Dental Care Membership Plan is not insurance and is not a qualified health care plan under the Affordable Care Act. Benefits start immediately and run for 12 months after the date of enrollment. There is a 30-day money back guarantee included that allows for a full refund if no benefits have been used.

To learn more about our membership plan or to enroll, contact us at our office in Huntington Beach, CA. We look forward to treating you at Impression Dental Care!

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