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OCCares was founded by Dr. Katherine Ahn, of Impression Dental Care at The Image Center. OCCares’ vision is to promote Unity, Charity & Compassion:

  • Unity by working together towards a common goal with people from various denominational, social and cultural backgrounds.
  • Charity by enhancing the work of established non-profit organizations that are committed to helping those in need in Orange County.
  • Compassion by inspiring our children to love others and to use their time, talents and gifts to make this world a better place.

Through Dr. Ahn’s involvement with various non-profit organizations, she discovered that many corporations and individuals were willing to contribute their time and talents for a meaningful cause. She also learned that each contributed dollar went further when it is used to support existing non-profit organizations with a proven track record of success, rather than duplicating the efforts of others. Inspired by this knowledge, Dr. Ahn created OCCares, a volunteer organization that promotes its vision by collaborating with other non-profit organizations who share its charitable goals.

It is Dr. Ahn’s belief that if we all give a little of our hearts, time and resources, we can bring hope, health and joy to Orange County. She welcomes all those that share her vision to join her in making upcoming fundraising events meaningful, inspiring and fun!

For ticket, sponsorship or other information, please call 714-756-0066 or email


This year OCCares is focusing on meeting the food security needs of families in Orange County by raising funds to support organizations that support this cause. People are considered food secure when they have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. Orange County has the 2nd highest food insecurity rate in California, with 1 in 5 children facing food insecurity. Join us in ending hunger in Orange County by donating today!

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To watch a PBS special to find out more about food hunger in Orange County Click Here

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