Meet Our Dentist - Dr. Katherine Ahn
Dr. Katherine Ahn (Wallace), DDS Founder of Ahncore Smile & Aviara CenterCosmetic Dentistry | Orthodontic Treatments | Facial Development | Sleep Apnea | TMD

Dr. Katherine Ahn (Wallace), DDS Dr. Ahn (Wallace) studied Biology at Loma Linda University. Upon completion of her undergraduate work, she began her journey into dentistry by entering the UCLA School of Dentistry, graduating with distinction in 1993. Dr. Ahn (Wallace) continued her post-doctoral training by completing a two year pediatric residency at UCLA, acquiring skills in orthodontics and growth and development which have proven invaluable to her particular focus on jaw and upper airway underdevelopment and dental sleep apnea.

Truly, Dr. Ahn (Wallace) is one of only a handful of clinicians in the country with her level of training and experience in sleep-related breathing disorders, cranio-facial pain/TMD, orofacial development, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Ultimately, Aviara Center is Dr. Ahn’s (Wallace) vision, and represents the culmination of her life’s passion: helping patients achieve optimal smile and health through proper jaw and airway development and stabilization.

Dr. Ahn (Wallace) continues to stay in the forefront of technology and the latest advancements and is committed to providing the best care possible for her patients by continually attending the nation’s top training programs to advance her knowledge and skills.

Orthodontics, Facial Development and Sleep & TMJ Therapy by Dr. Katherine Ahn Wallace will be performed through Aviara Center.

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