Biocompatible dentistry is looking at how the techniques and products we use in dentistry affect our body and overall health.

biocompatible dentistry

Biocompatible Dentistry

At Impression Dental Care, we believe that part of providing the best in dentistry is taking the necessary precautions to provide the safest dentistry possible. In an effort to provide this, we utilize materials that are not only effective, but biocompatible and kind to your body.

Amalgam Fillings

There is much debate over whether mercury in our fillings is safe. Since mercury is a known toxin and there is evidence of vapor release (there is a debate on whether the amount released is safe or not) from the mercury fillings, we have decided to error on the side of caution. We do not place mercury fillings in our practice. We do not recommend that all patients remove all of their mercury fillings. When we do recommend removal it is usually because there are structural reasons for replacement of the restoration. When patients request elective replacement of mercury fillings, we make sure that the patients are making an informed decision. To remove and replace mercury fillings with more biocompatible materials, we equip the patient with an oxygen nasal mask and utilize an intra-oral suction device as well as a special air filtration unit to assist in removing mercury vapors.

Fluoride Use

Regarding the use of fluoride in our practice, we do place topical fluoride to assist with surface remineralization on dental caries prone patients or to minimize hypersensitivity. However, due to the cumulative effect of fluoride ingested through water and food from unknown sources, we do not write prescriptions for systemic fluoride supplementation for our patients. Since fluoride is also a known toxin, we emphasize the importance and effectiveness of promoting a healthy diet and proper hygiene with minimal fluoride exposure.